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LEBON is an oral care brand founded in 2015 by

Stéphanie, art historian and professional photographer, and her

husband Richard, graduate in dermo-cosmetics.

Both lovers of the sea and nature, the idea is theirs

came during a stay in Costa Rica, surrounded by vegetation

tropical, with its intoxicating scents rocked by the ocean waves.

This is the reason why the brand is inspired by all

elements linked to nature and surfing with its touch of glamor.

Although brushing your teeth is the first and last thing

that we do every day, Stéphanie and Richard wanted

improve this daily routine and create a collection of toothpastes

natural and ethical designed especially for those who value

importance to their beauty routine and a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the 9 natural, exclusive and unique aromas of the collection

LEBON, made by perfumers from Grasse, you

take full advantage of this real experience of taking

consciousness for two minutes. A real moment of escape and

pure pleasure.

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