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Carrière Frères is a natural continuation of La Manufacture Royale de Cire, now known as Cire Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière brothers took an interest in this ancient know-how with the idea of ​​modernizing them. Attached to the traditions of the master wax makers of the 17th and 18th centuries, they reveal this heritage, while standing out from it: the curious and entrepreneurial spirit, they create Carrière Frères which stands out for its ability to innovate.

The industrial revolution is underway, the modernization privileged electricity and yet, the two brothers with to continue the use of candles. Thanks to a creative and ingenious approach, they decompartmentalize its religious and functional use to also consider it as a decorative object: they give birth to a new generation of candles, tapers and night lights which enliven centerpieces, dinners and festive evenings. From 1889, their vision was rewarded with a Gold Medal at the Universal Exhibition.

Manufactured in the Cire Trudon factory, Carrière Frères candles have always been at the crossroads of long-standing quality know-how, a business history and a contemporary bias.

A century of exploration :

Curious to innovate, the Carrière Frères company modernizes the manufacturing secrets received from the master waxers and draws on the intrepid spirit of the scientific missions of the 18th century. The journey of botanists and explorers, the story of distant expeditions, the discovery of unknown latitudes and rare plants are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Bourg La Reine factory.

Paying tribute to botanical research, Carrière Frères today presents a table of scents that illustrates the richness of plant biodiversity: Carrière Frères candles offers a range of soliflora fragrances that awaken the exotic and native essences dear to botanists and explorers of the Eighteenth century. Botanical fragrance and essence become one.

A contemporary bias that pays homage to a period of rapid discovery.

Innovate sustainably :

Carrière Frères is constantly innovating to assemble only high quality ingredients. Focusing on sustainable products and a transparent creative approach, each element is chosen to minimize the environmental impact without compromising, however, the sensory and aesthetic approach of the product.

Carrière Frères developed its fragrances with the Robertet company, a major player in the supply of natural ingredients: a wide range of raw materials makes it possible to create original fragrances, of irreproachable quality, and to be part of a responsible approach. worldwide.

The first are bought from cooperatives at an ethical price, materials for sustainable development programs or ecological agricultural practices. For each botanical essence, the treatment is specific, responsible, sustainable and ethical.

The containers are also part of a virtuous and honest approach: the components - recycled glass, packaging in FSC cardboard (Forest Stewardship Council), 100% natural alcohol, untreated rattan sticks, cork stopper - are chosen in order to reduce their impact.

Natural benefits

Botanical and nourishing, Carrière Frères allows a return to nature and its virtues, to youth and life.

In each product in the range, botanical fragrance and essence become one: imagined as a periodic table of the elements, the Carrière Frères collection brings together scents of herbs, roots, flowers, fruits and wood.

Like aromatherapy and naturopathy, the range is inspired by specific benefits per plant: known for its soothing, purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or antidepressant effects, the plant world is once again a field of exploration.

A simple approach that aims to reveal the power of botany through a range of essential fragrances: Carrière Frères, a natural world to explore.

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