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Diptyque Perfumed candle Muguet 190gr

MUGUET CANDLE Family: Floral Freshly picked sprigs of lily of the valley. The white bells exude their delicately flowery scent and are nuanced with...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Freesia 190gr

FREESIA CANDLE Family: Floral A large spring bouquet of freesias with multicolored and fragrant flowers. Yellow, white, pink, purple, purple ......

Diptyque Perfumed candle Gardénia 190gr

Gardénia CANDLE Family: Floral A huge garden of white and fragrant gardenias. Their scent, both heady and fresh, often brightens up bridal bouquets...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Narguilé 190gr

Narguilé CANDLE Family: Spicy A hint of honey, tobacco leaves, some spices. Fragrant swirls escape from a hookah, carrying with them a fruity,...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Vétyver 190gr

Vétyver CANDLE Family: Herbaceous In Tropical Asia, the long, thin roots of vetiver have long been used to make fans, rugs and other scented...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Violette 190gr

Violette CANDLE Family: Floral Violet flowers that have just been picked in the early morning, with their delicate fragrance so recognizable. It...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Roses 190gr

Roses CANDLE Family: Floral Rosebushes overflowing with flowers one May. Some are still blooming, others are blooming, their petals still beaded...