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Cologne Grand Cru Violette Berdoues

VIOLETTE - Premise of the collection, is a vibrant tribute to the history of Maison Berdoues. The fruit of a unique interpretation, VIOLETTE comes...

Cologne Grand Cru Maasaï Mara Berdoues

A wonderful trip to the heart of Africa ... a spicy and warm cologne. The authenticity of a spicy and warm fragrance. Berdoues perfumers take a...

Cologne Grand Cru Péng Lài Berdoues

A mythical and floral fragrance. Our perfumers suspend time and unveil an olfactory interpretation of a Chinese legend. The story is that of PÉNG...

Cologne Grand Cru Hoja De Cuba Berdoues

A warm and powerful tobacco scent. This Grand Cru reveals the singular beauty and the sweetness of Cuban tobacco fields thanks to the aromas of its...

Cologne Grand Rru Oud Al Sahraa Berdoues

A sensual, elegant cologne made of mandarin from Italy, myrrh from Namibia and oud wood from Malaysia. "The sensuality of the Orient in a glass...

Cologne Grand Cru Arz El-Rab Berdoues

A spicy, incomparable cologne made of ginger from China, iris from Morocco and Virginian cedar. "The lure of Lebanon in a glass bottle"