Talking about "Juju" is actually evoke Betty, heart and soul of the shop.It all began there nearly twenty years, with a consuming passion: to reach the Dries Von Noten creations.
"A true love story," says Betty happy.The young woman then started looking for a place to pursue his passion, to allow Besançon discover its exceptional models, as well as other artists from the same cloth as Ann Demeulemeester and Martin Margiela. And one day, alchemy has operated: Betty opened Apartments Juju in a cozy space, bathed in light, warm and delicate decoration.
Since the reputation of the store was far beyond the borders of the city, and models travel freely to other countries.

At Juju's home it feels like home, with a touch of magic and more. Nestling in large armchairs, there listening religiously Betty and Alice fervently that tell how the style of Belgian designers is exceptional: "They have the audacity, madness, but also very rigorous and demanding. this is what makes them so effective and readable work. "They also share other favorites, like Isabel Marant, Rick Owens and Carven. "We like to compose custom shapes for our clients, where they feel good, with many influences." Always on the lookout for new trends as they open to perfumes and decoration, with brands like Diptyque privileged, Histoires de Parfums and tsetse.

Teeming with ideas, creativity and references, Betty and Alice share their passion with delight. They make us travel into some of the most singular fashion and style, while remaining close to us and our desires. A balancing act they have the secret.