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Diptyque Perfumed candle Myrrhe 190gr

MYRRHE candle Family: Woody The fragrant curls of myrrh resin which burn slowly ... This aromatic resin as mythical as incense takes us back to...

Diptyque perfumed candle Pomander 190gr

POMANDER candle Family: Spicy Spices galore, candied bark with gourmet winter scents. We prepare the holidays and we prick the oranges with...

Diptyque perfumed candle Tuberose 190gr

TUBÉREUSE CANDLE  Family: Floral The scent of tuberose in the large fields of South India, where these fragrant white flowers are grown. From the...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Jasmine 190gr

 JASMIN CANDLE Family: Floral The scent of jasmine which instantly catches your attention at the bend of a path. How can these delicate little...

Diptyque Perfumed candle Coriander

CORIANDRE CANDLE Family: Herbaceous In ancient times, the scent of coriander seeds was already bewitching. From the Mediterranean to Asia Minor,...